Summit 2016 - updates

Scout Center Ohrid, Macedonia



Friday 16 Sep 18.00 to Sunday 18 Sep 12.00



All Asocio partner associations are invited and encouraged to participate in the summit.

A mixture of talented young leaders, trainers and experienced leaders, and employees in executive positions is suggested. Each association can send four participants.

All Asocio steering committee and trainer pool members are invited and encouraged to participate.

In addition, the 5 Danish scout and guide associations are invited and can 2 persons each.



The purpose of the summit is to explain and together explore how to strengthen a Scout / Guide association. How can we work together towards a common goal, and can you and your association benefit from Asocio?

Together we shall

  • Explore Asocio’s purpose and methods
  • Initiate new and/or extended projects
  • Explore cooperation opportunities
  • Share knowledge about how to develop Scouting / Guiding (program, training, organization)
  • Exchange ideas about the recruitment and retention of members.



The most common way of working at the summit will be workshops with varied, involving and activating methods. Topics include:

  • Needs analysis of our Scout and Guide associations / Common development needs
  • Quality cooperation and work in intercultural teams. How can the associations be better partners?
  • Bilateral and trilateral cooperation? Why? How? What topics?
  • Designing a Training system. Different aspects from the WOSM / WAGGGS worlds.
  • A fast track “Train the Trainer” course
  • How can Rovers / Rangers Work? An example of a training course
  • How to use LEGO as an educational tool
  • Membership development. Recruiting and retaining our members




Pick-up in the airport during the day

Check-in in Ohrid

13.00 Participants start arriving in Ohrid.

14.00 Lunch

15.00 Informal group activities. (Building a raft)

18.00 Welcome to the Summit.Practical information about the center and the evening program.

18.15 Ice breakers. Team tasks in the area. Fun games. 10 “stations”.

20.00 Diner

21.30 Asocio introduction. Presentation of Asocio purpose, objectives and methods

22.00 Summit introduction. Presentation of purpose and program, expected outcome

22.30 End of formal program.

22.30 Optional campfire.



8.00 Breakfast

9.00 Learning kick-off

10.00 Workshop 1

13.00 Blue Hour. Introduction to the Blue Hour

13.30 Lunch and break

15.30 Common Activity. Work in 5 groups about the cooperation with Asocio.

16.00 Workshop 2


19.00 Blue hour (Learning points)

19.45 Summit dinner.

22.00 End of official program

22.00+Soft program in Ohrid Scout Center. Snaks and drinks



8.00 Breakfast

9.00 Future / Next steps. Market place where each association presents, gets inspiration, and identifies potential cooperation partners.

11.50 Official farewell

12.00 First bus leaves for Skopje Airport (for the Danes and others)

12.00 Optional lunch

Afternoon - Second bus leaves for Skopje Airport





A mail with the letter will be sent to all participant who have registered. The letter has detailed information about tranport and the venue.

Next information mail will be sent out end of August and will have information about the workshops..


You can download the acceptance letter here.

2016-07-12 \\

A common planning meeting with both Dansih and Macedonian participation was held in the Scout Center Ohrid in the weekend 1 - 3 July. The objective was to make a detailed plan for the summit and plan all the practical tasks.

2016-07-04 \\

Invitations for the Summit have been sent out. A copy is available here.

2016-05-14 \\


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  • Ukraine

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