Our Trainers

Participants in the resource pool are acting as trainers in international education, training and development activities. All trainers are volunteers and receive no payment for their work. Only direct expences are covered.


The trainers joining the trainer pool will personally benefit through


  • A larger and international personal trainer network
  • Opportunity to gain new knowledge and new professional and personal skills
  • Greater awareness and understanding of other cultures
  • International experiences in a guiding and/or scouting environments that contribute to their personal development


The trainer pool consists of experienced leader trainers with an international leader-training experience. This experience is obtained in many different ways primarily through the involved Danish scout and guide organizations.


The working method in the trainer pool


The trainer pool meets two to three times a year. The objective of the meetings is to share information and experiences from the ongoing projects, develop professional and personal skills in relation to the leader training, and to expand the network part of the pooling. .


The trainer pool consists of more than 20 trainers representing all the Danish scout and guide associations.

Want to be a trainer?

Send your application to the Steering committe. We can use people with many different skills and experiences and typically we pair two trainers for a specific task. Right now we are specifically looking for trainers with experience in needs assessment and development af organizations.


Please use this application form.


Active Projects

  • Bulgaria
  • Ukraine

Our Supporters

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